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With its numerous annual arts and cultural festivities, Seattle, the biggest city in Washington and the Pacific Northwest area, has become a festival destination. 

However, we recognize that, like other major cities across the globe, Seattle is not immune to the illicit acts of graffiti and vandalism.

Graffiti used to deface walls and properties with pictures and messages sometimes works against the local community’s beautification. Moreover, some messages with labels promoting symbols and political statements can alter a city’s reputation, leading to local community problems.

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How We Help

JCS Refresh provides professional graffiti removal services to Seattle residents and businesses to help combat similar situations. 

Based in Lake Stevens, JCS Refresh was founded by three long-time high school friends: Jody, Cody, and Steven (JCS), with the hope of offering an affordable, reliable, meticulous service to keep a clean and safe community in all of Washington State.

Our team is composed of trained experts who aim to go the extra mile in ensuring that the graffiti isn’t just removed and done safely to the surface and environment. 

If you have any graffiti removal requests in Seattle or neighboring cities, call us at (425) 610-7588 or request a quote through our contact form below.

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JCS Refresh Graffiti Removal Seattle

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