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Did You Know?

Graffiti can promote hate, negative stereotypes, or decrease property value, which also relates to problems within your community.

However, it’s essential to have the right equipment, skillset, and cleaning solution to do the job effectively.

Our Process

Our process ensures the surface beneath is protected while avoiding extra hurdles that might come with amateur service providers, such as paint removal and staining.

As Seattle based experts, we understand the fundamentals, such as how to remove spray paint and how long it takes for spray paint to dry. 

This background is necessary because spray paint comes in a variety of types. 

Even though it’s generally easier to remove while still wet, some products are difficult to manage even after being applied for only a couple of hours.

Graffiti can also be found on a variety of surfaces and isn’t as costly as you might think.

Knowing how to remove spray paint from concrete, for example, differs from knowing how to remove spray paint from plastic. Some materials are more delicate than others and will require extra care.

When choosing a professional for your project, it’s always worth asking how the process is done to gauge how knowledgeable they are. 

If this is the case, drop us a line; each situation is unique and we would love to learn about yours.

Some questions you can ask include:

  • How to remove spray paint from glass
  • How to get spray paint off bricks
  • How to get spray paint off metal
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