10 Before and After Pictures – Brick House Pressure Washing

Published by: | Updated: February 2, 2023
JCS Refresh Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After

Brick houses are one of the prettiest structures when properly cared for. 

However, brick is not exempt from dirt and contaminants like all houses. So when duty calls, it’s time to start your pressure washer and get to work.

In this article, we’ll show you a handful of before and after pressure washing projects for brick houses. Then, we’ll discuss a few frequently asked questions to wrap things up.

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Pressure washing brick houses – Before and after pics

We know you’re eager to see these satisfying before and after images, so we won’t keep you!

1. This wall just gained 50 years, at least! 

Mold and organic matter can seriously lessen the overall appearance of your exterior. For example, look how the left side of this wall was completely covered. Fortunately, pressure washers exist.

Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 1

2. Bad brick doesn’t look that bad, but it’s not great, either.

While we can agree that the condition of the brick wall isn’t awful, it doesn’t look fresh. 

Within hours, these people brought crisp color back to their home.

Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 2

3. This has to be one of the best before and after pics to date.

Sometimes it’s even hard to believe that a pressure washer can do this much work. Just look at how this moldy mess was erased. Every nook and cranny was reached with ease.

Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 3

4. No more dark, gloomy, and hazardous steps! 

See how these brick steps are filled with dirt, mold, and mildew? Thankfully these people took care of this situation because grime can cause accidents. Plus, who doesn’t want to invite those bright, vibrant colors back into their entryway?

WAIT – here are a few good reads to expand on this topic. 

Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 4

5. These literally look like a new installation.

We love how this neglected porch turned into a beautiful, fresh one! It feels like every mold, mildew, weed, and piece of mud never existed.

Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 5

6. That before picture is gnarly- look at that tunnel of filth.

When you think all hope is lost, remember pressure washers were designed for a reason! That tunnel of grime in the before picture is a terror. Thankfully, this person knows what they’re doing.

Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 6

7. Such a sad-looking porch. 

An overlooked aspect of a brick house is the entryway. The amount of mold and filth on these steps is unhinged.

Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 7

8. Brick first, fence later.

After eliminating all mold, we are thankful to see the actual color of brick! Talk about some over-the-top pleasing results. It looks like the fence is next.

Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 8

9. Nothing screams satisfaction more than the right side of this brick pic!

This brick wall is so filthy that it turned black. Not only does this boost curb appeal, but it helps improve the longevity of the brick.

Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 9

10. Who would’ve thought this brick wall had such striking color?

Trust us. Nobody altered the photo; this is just one perk of using a pressure washer. We love how the appeal of this house is boosted.

Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 10-1
Pressure Wash Brick House Before And After 10-2

Frequently asked questions

If you have some questions after seeing those before and after photos, check out these frequently asked questions below:

Is it OK to pressure wash a brick house?

Definitely, but there are a few things to consider. 

Bricks are one of the most durable materials; however, cleaning requires special care since they can retain water.

We suggest using a PSI setting between 500 to 1000. Anything more than that can cause severe damage.

To learn more about specifics, check out our article about pressure washing PSI settings for bricks.

What is the best way to clean a brick house?

The best way to clean a brick house is with a pressure washer.

To learn more about specifics, check our article about how to clean a brick house.

How long does it take for brick to dry after pressure washing?

Depending on weather and temperature, brick can fully dry after three to four days.

Should I seal brick after pressure washing?

Sealing is optional, but we suggest doing so after pressure washing. Sealants don’t just provide a protective layer, but it also makes the brick aesthetically pleasing.


Seeing all those before and after images proves that a pressure washer can make quite a difference. 

However, to achieve the best results, it is better to seek the services of a local expert.

Thank you for reading!