10 Deck Washing Before and After Pictures – Good and Bad

Published by: | Updated: February 1, 2023
JCS Refresh Pressure Washing Deck Before And After

If you can’t get enough of those before and after deck pics, we have some good ones below. 

Plus, this time, we added a few other photos that will shock you. 

As always, we’ll answer a few frequently asked questions about pressure washing decks to ensure you’re ready to go.

Let’s begin!

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5 Oddly satisfying before and after pics

Ready to see some addicting before and after pressure washing deck results? 

Check them out below:

1. Wait… This looks new 😳

Family, friends, or even just yourself- you can’t help but enjoy this deck. It’s like the old one never existed. This is why you should pressure wash your deck annually.

Pressure Washing Deck Before And After 1

2. Get that Algae outta here!

Check out this smooth-looking finish—no need to be exposed to harmful contaminants. 

Just a few hours of work will bring this thing back to life.

Pressure Washing Deck Before And After 2

3. Ready for a tea party or beer party?

Prepare your drinks and snacks with this cozy-looking deck. You can’t help but relax and enjoy the moment. But think about how awful it would have been before.

Pressure Washing Deck Before And After 3

4. Picture perfect precision

Yes, that’s half a deck looking fresh to death. It’s always fun to work in stages like this to see the true power of pressure washing.

Pressure Washing Deck Before And After 4

5. Why install a new deck when you can just pressure wash?

We can only pray that we witness this level of filth first hand one day. Think about the true level of satisfaction when you erase years of grime in minutes.

Pressure Washing Deck Before And After 5

5 Pictures of damaged decks

We aren’t done yet. Get ready to be horrified by these pressure washing fails:

1. Did someone just scribble on your deck? Oh wait, yeah, you did.

Believe it or not, this mess was not made by a kid- it was done by someone improperly handling a pressure washer. 

Hence, the importance of having prior knowledge, and knowing the correct PSI settings beforehand.

Pressure Washing Deck Before And After 6

2. Beware of splinters

Just imagine if someone brushes their hand across the railing- Ouch! No way. Another prime example of why you should always hire a professional.

Pressure Washing Deck Before And After 7

3. Cursive is elegant, but not when it’s damage

Cursive is a symbol of elegance and class but certainly not when it’s damage caused by pressure washing. Look at that deeply etched scribble; nobody wants that.

Pressure Washing Deck Before And After 8

4. Is this caused by a wolf or bear? Think again.

We can all agree that this would cause some frustration (to say the least). 

So don’t rush through things, and do your homework. Doing so will help avoid mishaps like this.

Pressure Washing Deck Before And After 9

5. Whoops!

What more can we say? 

This picture is another case of unfortunate events with improper technique. To think this could have been avoided had the person used proper PSI settings.

Pressure Washing Deck Before And After 10

Frequently asked questions

After seeing those satisfying (and horrendous) pressure washing photos, check out these FAQs.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a deck?

A 500 sq. ft. deck will cost around $200, making it $0.30 to $0.40 per sq. ft. However, note that several factors still affect the cost to pressure wash a deck, such as material, condition, size, and location.

Can you pressure wash a composite deck?

You can, but warning! 

We strongly suggest using an extremely low PSI setting to avoid damages and avoid voiding your warranty.

To learn more, check out our guide about pressure washing composite decks.

can you pressure wash a composite deck

How long after pressure washing can you stain?

After pressure washing, wait 48 hours before staining. But you may have to wait longer if the humidity or temperature is high. Also, the surface must be completely dry before applying the stain to ensure a smooth coating.  

Should I pressure wash my deck?

Definitely. Every surface is prone to various dirt, grime, and contaminants, and the best way to thoroughly eradicate those issues is to pressure wash. However, we suggest reaching out to a professional if you’re uncomfortable taking on the task.


To see is to believe, most importantly if it’s about cleaning. 

However, it’s essential to research before to achieve the best outcome; but you can always seek the help of deck cleaning professionals to do the job for you.

Thanks for reading!