Rain or Shine, Can I Pressure Wash? (Quick Answer)

Published by: | Updated: January 21, 2023
JCS Refresh can you pressure wash concrete in the rain

Pressure washing in the rain? Sounds weird. 

Why would anyone want to pressure wash in the rain? Can you pressure wash concrete in the rain? 

We know it sounds odd, but the answer is actually yes. 

Though it’s not ideal, you can pressure wash concrete, rain, or shine. However, it’s not that simple, so let’s look into this topic in detail.

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Weather conditions that affect pressure washing

Let’s first discuss the various levels of rain. 

  1. Rainy and cloudy weather: Yes 
  2. Sprinkling: Yes 
  3. Mild rain: Meh, maybe not – soap and chemicals might not do their job
  4. Heavy rain: Nope 

We’ll discuss each individually. Let’s start with the weather.

JCS Refresh can you pressure wash concrete in the rain (2)

If it’s cloudy and rainy weather, you can pressure wash. In fact, at least the soap won’t dry, and you won’t have spotty surfaces

Now let’s talk about when it’s drizzling. 

First, ask yourself, do you plan to use soap (or cleaning solutions), or are you just doing a quick rinse?  

If you only need water, then go ahead and wash as you like.

If you have to use soap, ensure shelter covers the area. Otherwise, the rain will immediately rinse it away. 

Most driveways and patios don’t have an awning, so keep our points in mind. 

JCS Refresh can you pressure wash concrete in the rain (3)

The same idea goes for mild rain. 

Lastly, let’s talk about heavy rain.

You shouldn’t pressure wash concrete (or anything) in heavy rain. Even professionals reschedule appointments in such weather.

When should I avoid pressure washing?

These are some weather conditions when you should postpone cleaning outside. 

  • When it’s heavily raining 
  • Thunder and lightning (extremely dangerous)
  • If it’s snowing
  • Scorching sunny day (it’s not impossible to clean in this weather, but it’s difficult)
  • Windy (water and soap are just going to divert)

To learn more, here’s a complete guide about the best time to pressure wash a house.

JCS Refresh can you pressure wash concrete in the rain


In the end, we hope our stance about pressure washing in the rain served you well. 

Most importantly, here are the four aspects discussed:  

  • Rainy and cloudy weather: You can pressure wash 
  • Sprinkling: You can pressure wash normally 
  • Mild rain: You’ll have to look for certain things
  • Heavy rain: Totally no

Thank you for being with us till the end.