What PSI Do I Need To Clean Concrete? (Quick Answer + FAQs)

Published by: | Updated: January 21, 2023
JCS Refresh what psi pressure washer to clean concrete

Out of all the different materials, concrete is the most durable for indoor or outdoor surfaces (and low maintenance). But it still needs occasional cleaning. 

One way to clean is with a pressure washer!

This article will discuss what PSI setting you should use to pressure wash concrete and other related questions!

Let’s get started.

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Quick Answer

The minimum PSI needed to clean concrete is at least 3,000 with a flow rate of 4 to 6 GPM, depending on your preferred cleaning speed. If there are tough stains around, we recommend using a degreaser to eradicate them effectively.

However, keep in mind that lower PSI and GPM levels will work, but it will take much longer.

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What happens to concrete if the PSI is too high?

Concrete is undeniably sturdy. However, it is not indestructible; too much pressure on the surface may lead to water lines. In worst-case scenarios, it may also lead to irreversible damage.

JCS Refresh what psi pressure washer to clean concrete

What happens to concrete if the PSI is not high enough?

Concrete surfaces require specific PSI settings to be cleaned effectively. 

Depending on the dirt and grease condition of the exterior, you will either take too much time cleaning or just remove any mild dirt issues.

Frequently asked questions

If you still have some further queries, take a look at the compiled frequently asked questions below:

Will 2000 PSI clean concrete?

Yes, 2,000 PSI can clean concrete. However, cleaning will take longer, especially if the surface is large and has a lot of buildup or stains.

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Is 1600 PSI enough to clean concrete?

No, you need more power to clean concrete. We recommend around 3,000 PSI. Doing so will allow you to save time and remove filth efficiently.

How much PSI is needed to break concrete?

Anything over 3,200 PSI is considered extra heavy duty.

The recommended PSI setting for concrete is between 2,900 to 3,200; anything over that must be entrusted to the experts. Any improper use may lead to irreparable damage and injuries.

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What do you spray on concrete before pressure washing?

Before applying any cleaning products, wet the concrete first.

Concrete is a porous material; any concentrated cleaning products may stain the surface. After that, you can proceed with the cleaning product of your choice, such as bleach or detergent solution but know that it is toxic to the environment.

If you want to explore a natural choice, you can also try the vinegar or baking soda solution by mixing equal parts of water with vinegar or baking soda.

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To sum it up, remember to use a PSI setting of 2,900 to 3,000 when pressure washing concrete.

We hope this article has helped you in your journey to cleaning your driveway or patio. 

Thanks for reading!