Does Vinegar Kill Moss? (quick answer)

Published by: | Updated: March 24, 2023
Does Vinegar Kill Moss

Vinegar is your go-to kitchen staple that can be used for several things such as baking, cooking, and cleaning, but will vinegar kill moss?

In this article, we’ll discuss the effectiveness of vinegar when dealing with moss and other related questions.

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Quick Answer – Does vinegar kill moss?

Without further ado, the answer is: absolutely, vinegar effectively kills moss. It contains natural acetic acid that directly harms the moss. However, it comes with some disadvantages that we’ll tackle more in the article.

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How long does it take vinegar to kill moss?

The moss will take 1 to 2 days to dry up entirely. Vinegar needs time to seep in the moss, burning and drying them slowly.

Once the moss turns brown, it is the perfect time to remove them with the appropriate tools, such as a garden hose, stiff brush, or pressure washer.

What kind of vinegar kills moss?

Various kinds of vinegar are available in the market, but we’ll mention the ones that can be used to arrest moss.

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Distilled White Vinegar 

This is also called white vinegar and typically contains 5 percent acetic acid and about 95 percent water. It can be used for various things, from cooking to cleaning.

Depending on the severity of the moss growth, this can handle minor moss growth; nonetheless, you can dilute equal parts of vinegar and water to use as a solution.

Cleaning Vinegar

The process to create this vinegar is the same as distilled white vinegar; however, this contains 6 percent acid, making it even more potent. This can handle minor to medium moss infestation but can’t be ingested.

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Industrial Vinegar 

This is also labeled as horticultural vinegar, which can’t be ingested. It has 20 to 30 percent acetic acid, commonly used for cleaning large projects and eliminating moss and weeds.

However, since it has a higher concentration, it’s dangerous, and it can cause permanent damage to the surface and irritate the skin or eyes. Not only that, but it can also kill nearby plants.

We advise you to let the professionals assess your moss problems. In this way, you’ll avoid harming yourself and damaging your surface.

Will vinegar kill moss on pavers?

Vinegar can reach the root of moss on pavers and in various surface materials, such as brick, concrete, or wood. The material won’t directly affect the potency of vinegar, but instead, the vinegar can damage the material without following the proper solution.

Vinegar must always be diluted with water, following the typical ratio of 1:1, which is 1 part of vinegar and one part of water.

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Is bleach or vinegar better for killing moss?

Both bleach and vinegar can eliminate moss and the surrounding plants nearby. They both have pros and cons, but the final say will be on the person’s preference.

Bleach can kill moss faster than vinegar, but it is a potent chemical that is not good for the environment. While vinegar may take some time, it’s still natural and can be used correctly to avoid harm.


Now that the pending question is answered, if vinegar can kill moss, you can safely use it to eliminate all the annoying plants on your exterior. However, if the condition of your moss growth is quite severe, leave it to us!