Here’s How Much it Costs to Remove Roof Moss

Published by: | Updated: March 24, 2023
Moss Removal From Roof Cost

Getting moss off your roof can be expensive. 

The primary factors are the size of your roof, what it is made of, and what procedure you will employ to remove the moss. 

These and other criteria will determine your specific roof cleaning cost. 

Let’s find out in this article the cost to remove moss from your roof.

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Quick Answer

Roof moss removal cost varies depending on several aspects, but an average cost of $490 should be considered.

However, reading the full article will help you understand everything in depth. It’ll also help you lower costs by discovering a better solution or a shortcut on your own.

On an average roof size, cleaning moss with vinegar or bleach might cost you $14. Aside from the cost of the pressure washer, the price may be classified as follows:

  • Spray bottle: $2
  • 10lb Vinegar for an average roof: $2.9
  • Labor for 3 hours: $40 to $100 (if you get someone to help you)

However, if you have a large roof and get experts to do the job, the average cost will be $350.

JCS Refresh Moss Removal From Roof Cost

Factors that affect the cost of removing moss from roofs

One of the best and cheapest method for removing moss from a roof is to use vinegar. You may save $43 to $92 on labor costs if you undertake this work yourself. 

The roof moss removal cost also depends on other factors, like the roof size and the technique you use to remove the moss. The main factors that affect cost are:

Size of the roof

A larger roof area will take longer to clean and you’ll need more chemicals which will add on to the cost.

The greater the roof area is, the more complicated the process is. 

The average labor cost that might be used is $50-100 for 1 hour of work. So you can save some decent money by choosing DIY.

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Method of moss removal

Some methods of moss removal cost you more than 500$. 

However, if you choose one of the cheaper ways, vinegar or bleach to remove moss from the roof, it may only cost you $14 on average. If you have a more extensive roof, you may require more chemicals, raising costs. 

The cost of soft wash, chemical wash, and other treatments can range from $0.05 to $0.75 per square foot, depending on the method employed by the roof washer. 

Additional fees for roof blowing or preventative treatments may apply, starting at $25 per roll for zinc strips.

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Shape and material of the roof

Roof designs range from simple up and over-the-roof to more sophisticated roof shapes with hip ends, roof valleys, and dormer windows, among other features. In addition, each tile has a unique cleaning process. 

This complicates the process and increases the cost.

Area and atmosphere of the roof

Moss needs moisture to grow. In this case, the cost of a safe roof cleaning will be standard. 

However, if your site is near a stream, river, lake, or other body of water, the chemicals used to repel moss development are intrinsically detrimental to aquatic life. 

Safe alternatives can be utilized in this case, but they are more expensive than the standard treatments.

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Is roof cleaning a good idea?

Moss spreads fast and can stick between roof shingles. Moss growth not only harms roofs but in most circumstances, it can also clog gutters and drains. 

Is roof cleaning necessary? The answer is YES! Following are the reasons why roof cleaning is a good idea.

  1. As moss expands, it can push up the roof tile, producing a leak in your roof.
  2. Rainwater will eventually find its way into your roof and cause water damage.
  3. If the shingle gets loose and slips off because of moss, this might be a safety problem.
  4. Moss growth can attract insects such as flies, bees, and bacteria.
  5. Cleaning your roof once a year can extend the life of the materials used and the roof’s durability.
  6. Apart from moss removal, roof cleaning eliminates algae and other materials, including leaves, grime, and road dust.
  7. Untreated moss growth can rot the wood of the roof.
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Does cleaning your roof damage it?

Both YES and NO. Cleaning your roof may only damage it if you don’t use the proper method or precautions. 

If you’d instead not go through the trouble of cleaning your roof, feel free to call a local roof cleaner and get a price for your roof. 

Well! The following ways can cause damage to your roof, and to avoid them, use these precautions:

  • When removing moss from your roof, never use a power or pressure washer to rinse and clean it. This is because the pressure will damage your roof shingles, causing more harm than good.
  • Soft wash procedures, whether machine or hand, can be used. This gently rinses and protects the roof. If you don’t have a gentle washer, a hose and a stiff brush will do the job.
  • You should shield the area around your roof from the chemicals. You may also need to clear your gutters and ensure they are not clogged with moss and other debris afterward.


Estimating the cost to remove moss and clean a roof is simple, and a contractor can provide a price based on the size and the roof’s age. Still, many other aspects must be considered when producing a quote for roof cleaning. 

You can also get quotes from multiple providers to be sure you’re paying a reasonable price for the repair. 

If you choose to do it yourself, you can save hundreds of bucks, but it’ll cost you time and effort. 

This article will likely be of use to you in decreasing the overall cost to remove moss from your roof. Thank you for reading.