Here’s How to Kill Moss on Rocks – Beginner’s Guide

Published by: | Updated: March 24, 2023
How To Kill Moss On Rocks

Moss is not always a bad thing; it can give rocks some character with that mushy, aged look! 

However, if that’s not for you, then you’re on the right track because we understand the risks it comes with; it can be slippery and hazardous.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to kill moss on rocks and other related questions that might help you.

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Quick Answer

To achieve moss-free rocks, check out the several methods below:




Boiling Water

Kettle, Brush, or Stiff Broom

- Advisable for mild moss growth
- Advisable for small projects
- Natural option

Vinegar Solution

Spray Bottle, Brush, or Stiff Broom

- Advisable for mild moss to medium moss growth
- Depending on the condition of the moss growth, it must be reapplied
- Natural option

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washer

- Advisable for medium to small projects
- Can be used alone or used to rinse from the application of a prior solution

Bleach Solution

Spray Bottle, Brush, or Stiff Broom

- Strong formula that can damage plants nearby or damage your skin
- Must be used cautiously

Moss Killer

Depends on the product

- Advisable for large projects
- Specifically formulated to kill moss

Quick questions before starting

Before we get started, let’s answer some quick questions:

How difficult is this to do?

Depending on the extent of the moss growth, the difficulty can range from easy to medium.

How long does it take?

Depending on the moss growth, it can also take one day to 3 days because some products must sit for a few days on the surface.  

How much do materials cost?

Depending on the method you will utilize, the overall cost will vary. It can range from none to $200.

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How to get rid of moss on rocks

Getting rid of moss on rocks shouldn’t be hard since you can utilize various ways and techniques! Check out the methods we gathered below:

Boiling Water Method

Tools: Deck Brush or Stiff Broom

Depending on the extent of moss growth, you can try the most basic way of killing moss: pouring boiling water on it, followed by a good amount of elbow grease using a deck brush or stiff broom.

However, we do not recommend using it for larger projects since going back and forth to boil water will be inconvenient. Note that it should be boiling water and not just hot water.

Vinegar Solution Method

Tools: Spray Bottle, White Vinegar, Deck Brush, or Stiff Broom

This is another natural method to remove moss before proceeding with chemical-based options.

Mix equal water and white vinegar, then transfer to a spray bottle. Generously spray it on the affected area and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, you can brush or scrub it afterward. If needed, you can also rinse it thoroughly.

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Pressure Washing Method

Tools: Pressure washer

This method is a natural option if you use pressurized water. However, you need to have proper knowledge when using the pressure washer; improper use of this machine can ruin surfaces and damage nearby plants or yourself.

Typically, this is used for rinsing the surface once natural or chemical products are used to kill moss, but you can also use water alone, depending on the moss’s growth condition.

Bleach Method

Tools: Bleach, Spray Bottle, Brush, or Stiff Broom

The effectiveness of bleach has been proven to kill moss.

However, we all know it also comes with risks. We advise you to be careful and wear proper protective equipment such as eyewear and gloves. Ensure that plants nearby are protected as well.

Mix equal water and bleach in a spray bottle and saturate the affected area. If you’re in doubt, do a patch test first to adjust the mixture to your preference. Then, let the solution sit for 15 minutes, scrub the rocks and rinse with water.

JCS Refresh How To Kill Moss On Rocks

Moss Killer Method

If you’ve tried all the methods and still can’t get rid of them, don’t give up! Try the commercial moss killers that, of course, are specifically formulated to kill moss. There are various products, but you can check this guide on the best weed killers.

The method to apply this product may vary, but they have the same goal to help you eradicate moss!

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Frequently asked questions

If you have additional queries, check out the frequently asked questions below:

Will vinegar kill moss on rocks?

Yes, vinegar can kill moss on rocks; mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and then transfer it into a spray bottle. Spray the affected area generously and wait for 15 minutes. Scrub it all away and rinse! 

Should I remove moss from rocks?

Moss doesn’t damage the rocks; it provides a classic look to your garden. However, if the moss grows on your pathway, you should remove them. It can cause safety hazards since it’s slippery.

What kills moss on gravel?

Gravel is a type of rock where moss is produced naturally. So, when removing moss on them, you can also apply the methods above. 

How do you stop moss from spreading?

You have to kill the moss by adding bleach, vinegar, or removing it with a pressure washer.

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Moss on rocks no more! The abovementioned methods allow you to walk safely on your rock pathways or enjoy the garden without the unsightly plants! However, if you still can’t get rid of it, it’s time to call the professionals!