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Kitsap’s waterfront homes, cozy cottages, charming small towns, restaurants, and specialty shops contribute to the county’s thriving economy and offer a distinctive balance of natural beauty and urban convenience.

However, with these properties comes upkeep. The rapid growth of moss on roofs, decks, and other surfaces leads to water damage, clogging gutters, and even structural stress on one’s property.

Maintaining your property’s appearance, keeping it clean, preventing leaks, and maximizing the lifespan of its surfaces require routine moss removal. Ignoring this can result in costly repairs, safety hazards, and reduced property value.

JCS Refresh Kitsap Moss Removal
JCS Refresh Kitsap Moss Removal (2)

How We Help

Our goal at JCS Refresh is to restore the beauty and safety of homes and local businesses in Kitsap County, Washington.

Listening to your needs is the first step in our moss removal process. 

Because every property is unique, our team of experts takes the time to understand your specific requirements and create a customized plan to address the moss growth.

Next, we visit the site to examine the situation. We thoroughly inspect your property to determine the extent of moss growth and the best course of action. 

To develop a comprehensive removal plan, we consider several factors, such as surface type and moss amount.

Finally, we use proper equipment and techniques to remove the moss. This may require specialized tools and cleaning solutions to ensure that the moss is removed without causing damage to the surface.

Trust us to bring back the luster of your property in Kitsap. Call us at (425) 610-7588 or fill out the form below for a free quote.

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DIY Resources

If you’re facing a moss problem on your roof, you can learn more about our process of removing moss from your roof and restoring your property to its former state.

However, moss growth isn’t limited to roofs; it also grows on driveway surfaces.

These surfaces are often made of concrete, asphalt, and even brick, making them slippery and dangerous to walk or drive on.

Several methods for removing moss from your driveway include manual removal, chemical removal, pressure washing, or a combination of these three.

Moreover, you can use the specialized equipment for driveways as tools for removing moss between pavers since they have the same materials.

As moss tends to grow in damp and shaded areas, the ideal time for moss removal is during the spring and summer. However, you can do this task any time of the year if the conditions are dry.

If you prefer to seek professional help, our article on the average cost of roof moss removal can give you an idea before requesting a quote.

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