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Kent made it easy for residents to stay and travelers to visit by providing modern living options for families and individuals.

The city also has an abundance of shopping malls, specialty stores, comfortable hotels, historical museums, and well-regarded restaurants.

Moss removal and maintenance, however, are priorities to maintain desirability and beauty in our towns.

Moss, if left untreated, damages roofs, sidewalks, and other surfaces and is unsightly. Furthermore, it creates hazardous, slippery conditions and physical damage leading to decay and deterioration.

All of this can lead to increased maintenance costs and the need for costly repairs and replacements.

A proactive approach to moss growth must be taken to effectively and routinely prevent its negative impacts on the appearance and property value of homes and businesses in Kent.

JCS Refresh Moss Removal Kent
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How We Help

JCS Refresh considers the weather and environmental factors specific to Kent, WA, contributing to moss growth to provide individualized service.

The first step in our process is to communicate with you and carefully consider your needs and concerns about the service.

We then determine the best method to effectively remove moss growth on your property by closely inspecting it while also considering the buildup’s source.

Next, we’ll remove the moss without hurting your roof using special tools, cleaning solutions, and techniques. This will ensure that your property looks great for many years.

After cleaning, we conduct a final inspection to ensure that the surface is moss- and debris-free and that surrounding areas are left spotless.

When the job is done, we also give tips on stopping moss from growing again, so you can keep your material in good shape for longer.

We are dedicated to providing top-quality moss removal services in Kent, Washington. Contact us at (425) 610-7588 to schedule a service today, or fill out our form for a free quote.

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DIY Resources

Moss adheres to various surfaces around your home, including your roof, brick, concrete, and rock surfaces.

When it comes to your roof, they tend to grow in shaded areas and in between shingles, making them difficult to remove.

If you’re uncomfortable cleaning it yourself, consider getting a professional service for removing roof moss. A professional will have the necessary equipment and expertise to safely and effectively clean your roof.

Brick surfaces are also particularly vulnerable to moss growth as they are porous, and if left untreated, moss can cause deterioration over time.

Regular cleaning of brick surfaces helps prevent this, avoiding structural damage to your walls, pathways, and patios.

Similarly, concrete is another material that absorbs moisture, making it an ideal spot for moss to grow. However, not removing it can be a health hazard in high-foot traffic areas, causing slips and accidents.

Moss removal on concrete surfaces is essential to extend the material’s life and ensure your family’s safety. 

Concrete walkways and big driveways with thick moss can be tough to clean. In this case, we recommend getting a professional service for moss removal on your driveway

Rocks are also prone to moss growth. However, cleaning moss from rocks requires a slightly different approach, unlike concrete.

If you’re interested, we have an article on how to kill moss on rocks that you can read next.

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