How to Kill (and Pressure Wash) Moss on Bricks – Ultimate Guide

Published by: | Updated: March 24, 2023
JCS Refresh How To Clean Moss Off Brick

Moss is one of the most troublesome plants that can grow around your property. Not only does it look bad, but it can lead to slips and spills.

In this article, you’ll learn how to clean moss off brick with the help of a pressure washer and a few household supplies. 

Then, we’ll cover some safety considerations and answer frequently asked questions.

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Quick Answer

Here’s how to clean moss off brick in five simple steps:

  1. Wear appropriate safety clothing
  2. Prepare the area
  3. Prepare the solution
  4. Apply the solution
  5. Pressure wash the area

Check out the following section to get a better explanation of the steps listed above.

JCS Refresh How to Kill Moss on Bricks

Quick questions before starting

Before we start, let’s answer some questions:

How difficult is this to do? Removing moss from brick can be easy or medium, depending if you use a pressure washer.

How long does it take? This task typically takes two hours or more, but various factors must be considered.

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How to get moss off brick

If you already have a pressure washer, you just need a few tools plus some vinegar, and you can start cleaning immediately.

1. Wear appropriate clothing

Before using your pressure washer, ensure that you have suitable clothes such as safety glasses, earmuffs, pants, closed shoes, and a long-sleeved shirt.   

2. Prepare the area

Remove any fragile objects near the moss or cover said objects using a drop cloth. The benefit of doing this is that water from the pressure washer does not wet unintended things.

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3. Prepare the solution

You can use bleach to eliminate moss, but we do not recommend using harmful chemicals because vinegar can do the trick just fine. Vinegar is equally as effective but without the risk of harming surrounding plants.

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and put them in the pressure washer’s soap dispenser.

4. Apply the solution

Carefully apply the solution to the brick and let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes to penetrate the moss thoroughly.

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5. Pressure wash the area

After letting the vinegar mixture soak in, you can rinse it with a pressure washer. Again, utilize a sweeping motion to provide even coverage and avoid streaks.

With this, ensure you are using the appropriate PSI setting and nozzle. For example, the recommended PSI for brick is 500 to 1000 PSI with a 40-degree or 25-degree nozzle tip.

Safety considerations

To avoid damaging the surface or yourself, there are some safety considerations you should know:

Remember to wear proper safety attire

Some individuals can be careless when they operate a pressure washer. No matter how acquainted you are with the machine, you can’t control the debris that flies into the air.

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Test the pressure on a safe surface

Test everything in a small (safe) spot if you need clarification on the PSI setting. Doing so will let you determine how to proceed and if you need to adjust the settings.

Utilize the correct nozzle and settings

Note that not every surface is the same; some exteriors can only withstand a certain amount of pressure; thus, it is crucial to know the appropriate settings and nozzle.

As mentioned above, use 500 PSI to 1,000 PSI with either a 40-degree or 25-degree nozzle. PSI settings higher than that can cause significant damage.

JCS Refresh Pressure Washer Nozzle Chart

Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions, we can help.

Here are some frequently asked questions from other visitors.

Can you remove moss from the brick with vinegar?

Using a vinegar solution is one of the best and eco-friendliest ways of removing moss.

How do you prevent moss on a brick patio?

Keep the surface clean and dry because wet and dark areas encourage moss to grow.

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Will bleach kill moss?

Of course, however, bleach is not eco-friendly. Keep in mind, it will kill not only the moss but surrounding plants also. 

What kills moss on bricks?

You can choose between bleach, vinegar solution, or commercial products from your local hardware store.

Is there a tool to remove moss between pavers?

Yes! A pressure washer can do the job, or opt for a more traditional tool, like a shovel or hand pick.

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What keeps moss from growing between pavers?

A clean and dry environment keeps moss from growing. Since moss thrives in a location filled with moisture and shade, ensure the area is free from both.


Moss won’t be a big issue anymore because you can eliminate it with the five simple steps mentioned above. 

However, if you think moss around your area is recurring, it is best to seek the help of professionals.

We hope this guide serves you well! Thanks for reading!