Moss Removal

Did You Know?

Moss only means trouble, especially with any exterior material. It slowly works its way to the surface and eventually causes damage and can also pose a safety risk due to its slippery nature.

Therefore, act fast once there’s moss in sight; eradicate it!

Our Process

Moss will grow anywhere that has enough moisture and limited sunlight.

Over time, it will ruin the material beneath, shortening its lifespan. Thus, let us help protect your home; we have everything covered!

We clean all building materials, so expect a tailored cleaning method that will leave your surface spotless.

We service several cities, including:

Even if you’re not in these cities, but live in Snohomish or King County, use the form below to request a free quote.

Common Questions

Driveway Problems: If you’re facing the dangers of a slippery driveway because of that troublesome moss, there are various driveway moss removal techniques. Depending on the extent, the most basic method is the boiling water method.

Moss on Rocks: Don’t like growing moss on your rocks or just want to eliminate the safety hazards? There are also several ways to kill moss on rocks. You can apply the boiling water method or some vinegar solution.

Roof Moss Removal: You can apply a natural or chemical formula when doing your roof moss removal project, but to ensure a thorough cleaning process, let us help you!

JCS Refresh Moss Removal Services

Cost for Roof Moss Removal: The service depends on the square footage, but to determine the moss removal from roof cost, contact us immediately!

Roundup Effectiveness: You may wonder, does roundup kill moss? Since it effectively kills weeds, this is a common assumption. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do the same to moss. The chemical it contains doesn’t combat the said plant.

Moss Between Pavers: Our favorite tool to remove moss between pavers is a pressure washer; depending on the moss condition, simply using the appropriate PSI settings can easily remove moss quickly.

Vinegar Effectiveness: Vinegar is the most basic household chemical used for cleaning and disinfecting several surfaces, but does vinegar kill moss? Of course, it does, depending on the moss infestation, with just the right white vinegar solution.